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Why You Should Get A Receipt Every Single Time You Get Gas

Why You Should Get A Receipt Every Single Time You Get Gas
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Not many people save gas station receipts these days, but there’s one very good reason why you should…

You’re driving along and you notice your fuel gauge is on E. You stop at a gas station and fill ‘er up – and instead of gasoline you get a tank full of water. It happens. But if you paid cash and didn’t get a receipt, your day just got uglier.

I wrote a piece last week where I suggested it was a good idea to save receipts for the supplies you use if you are the sort who changes his or her own oil in one’s new car. I had a couple commenters who suggested I was insane to make such a suggestion. After all, who saves receipts?

Well, I’ve known people who saved them religiously and it benefited them and I’ve known some who ignored receipts and it cost them. One client of mine always got receipts for his gasoline even when he went inside and paid cash for his fuel. One day, after buying gas at a station he did not normally frequent, his car died. He had it towed to a mechanic who told him that his gas tank was filled with water. It was going to be an expensive fix.

When my client went back to the gas station, he found he was not alone. There were others there who had also gotten tanks full of water and were upset. The manager was taking down information from all of the disgruntled folk in front of him and he would ask each one, “Do you have a receipt?” Some did, some didn’t. My client did.

While some might object to the manager’s question, you have to put yourself in his shoes. Once word got out the station might be refunding money to anyone who bought gas there, a swarm of people who had never set foot in the station showed up demanding compensation. It’s just how things are.

In this case, the station did not make good on my client’s claim and we were forced to file suit. We eventually obtained a judgment, which I suspect the station owner’s insurance company viewed as a way of weeding out the lesser claims. And, as you might guess, the entire legal action hinged on a single slip of paper – the receipt my client religiously obtained each and every time he bought fuel for his car. The other consumers without receipts? I bet many of them lost their claims — if they bothered to file them at all — because they would have a hard time proving they bought gas from the station on that day.

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