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NOCSAE Voids Two Helmet Certifications

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Helmet safety is a controversial issue across all sports. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment has recently voided two popular lacrosse helmets that are currently on the market. What’s all the commotion about? The helmets were found to be sub-standard after an independent study was conducted by the NOCSAE. Both companies have been selling these helmets with the NOCSAE stamp of approval because determining whether a product meets the certification of standards is done by the manufacturer, not the NOCSAE….

NOCSAE has put out an announcement to US Lacrosse and US Lacrosse has sent this announcement (you can see the full announcement below) out to their media lists. The announcement says that both the Cascade R lacrosse helmet and the Warrior Regulator lacrosse helmet do not pass the NOCSAE helmet standard, ND041.

ND041 relates to three things: labels, helmet stability/retention testing (chin cups), and impact attenuation – drop test.

Here is a brief description of what is going on from US Lacrosse’s press release:

“NOCSAE’s public statement, available in its entirety at, says that the organization made its determination following an independent investigation and evaluation of the two helmets, including a review of each manufacturer’s internal testing and quality control data. As a result, NOCSAE has invalidated the manufacturer’s certification of compliance for all manufacturing dates for the two helmet models.”

So how does this impact us, the players?

“Playing rules written by US Lacrosse, the NCAA and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) mandate that all helmets must meet NOCSAE standards and be NOCSAE certified. Both models had previously been certified by the manufacturers as compliant with the NOCSAE standard.”

Basically, the above paragraph says that RIGHT NOW, you can’t use a Cascade R or Warrior Regulator in a game where US Lacrosse rules are used. USL requires helmets to be NOCSAE compliant.

It should be noted that NOCSAE has reached out to Cascade and Warrior with this info.

Currently, it is unknown if Cascade and Warrior will be able to get their NOCSAE certifications back before the season starts. A statement on NOCSAE’s website said that both companies will work towards this goal of getting re-certified. Cascade also put up an announcement on their website and Warrior issued one that states:

“Warrior Sports, Inc. has received notification from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) that the Warrior Regulator lacrosse helmet no longer complies with the applicable NOCSAE standards. We disagree with and are disappointed in NOCSAE’s decision. Warrior has always been committed to the highest safety standards for our products. Warrior’s Regulator helmet has passed numerous safety tests performed by ICS, an independent, certified and fully-accredited lab. ICS continues to stand behind those results and has repeatedly confirmed that the Regulator helmet meets all applicable NOCSAE standards, which applies to all Regulator helmets currently in the marketplace. Warrior is working with NOCSAE to clarify the concerns and find resolution quickly on behalf of our brand’s loyal customers and consumers.”

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