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Bamboozled: An AT&T Customer Complaint

Bamboozled: AT&T Scams Customer
Posted: November 15, 2014 at 8:28 am   /   by   /   comments (0) reports on the case of Betsey Bloom, who thought she was paying AT&T for an email address. She was wrong.

Automatic payments are a helpful, convenient and time-saving service. Whether you use a credit card or have debits taken from a bank account, you’ll know your bills will always be paid on time.

But using an auto-pay system doesn’t absolve customers from making sure that bills are accurate.

Betsey Bloom has learned that the hard way.

The Bedminster woman was a long-time user of an AT&T email address. The first address ended with, then, a few years back, AT&T shortened it to just, she said. Bloom, who had always paid her AT&T bill automatically from her credit card, recently decided to switch to another provider.

“I had been paying between $16 and $21 per month — the amount increased over the years — for this service,” said Bloom, 69. “I recently decided that I would no longer pay for an email address… I then spent the last several months notifying everyone of this change.”

She also called AT&T to notify the company that she no longer wanted her email address. That’s when the confusion began.

“The customer service representative cancelled my account and advised me that I have not been paying for the email address, but for dial-up service,” Bloom said. “My email would not be cancelled, just the dial-up charge which is now $20.95 monthly, would be cancelled. The email is free.”

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